Road2reel have recently finished work on the last series of Stella for Sky TV. R2R had been helping with vehicles, stunts and props from day one.  A bit sad that the very successful series has come to a close after seven years. We will miss the great crew and cast we worked with and the lifelong friends we made along the way. Road2reel are looking forward to the next challenge.

Stella Christmas special

Road2reel supplied various vehicles for the 2016 Stella Christmas special.

ffasiwn mechanic

Road2reel supplied a supercar and three similar classic Ford cars to a Cardiff recycling/vehicle scrap yard for the Avanti productions ffasiwn mechanic ( fashion mechanics ) series. Road2reel helped to plan and then set up the final challange required for the three contestants in the final episode of the series on S4C.

Taith Bryn Terfel: Gwlad y Gan

Road2reel looked after and maintained the Mercedes used on the S4C production Gwlad y Gan with Bryn Terfel. Bryn was visiting, driving and singing in locations all over Wales. Very pleased to get a ' Dioch ' in the credits as well.