» We offer vehicle procurement, road legal preparation, and ongoing maintained service for long-term requirements.

» We can supply, build and modify one-off vehicles to a brief or design, from budget to high specifications and offer multi vehicle options.

» We offer experience of stunt vehicle preparation; stringent interior set vehicle and set dressing props that meet health & safety preparation and concerns.

» We provide a vehicle logistics consultant at the start of any project.

» We can supply experienced on set standby mechanics available at a daily rate.

» With qualified motor engineers; qualified drivers including HGV Class I; MOT testers and vehicle construction/fabrication experts on staff or available on call.

» We can supply or hire motor vehicle related props and set dressing i.e. garage equipment, for set and location.

» We are available to source motor vehicle-friendly and bespoke interior or exterior locations on request for film/TV sets or photo shoots.